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Being Scottish and Travelling – 10 Things I get Asked

Representing Scotland in Trogir, Croatia

Being Scottish means many things, it’s funny to say I’m from the land of the deep fried Mars bar. We all know Scotland for Loch Ness, it’s the place where GTA comes from. Scotland has contributed to the world the world many things despite being a small country and that has given people some funny ideas of what the country is like.

1. Scotland? Isn’t That Part of England?

People not knowing where Scotland is on a map is definitely something us Scots are tired of hearing. Despite both being together in the United Kingdom, Scotland has a completely different culture from England and it is downright stupidity to think that Scotland is just a part of England. These people clearly weren’t paying attention when they watched Braveheart.

2. Do you Support Celtic or Rangers?

This is a question that personally drives me up the wall, it might surprise some people that there are more than 2 teams in Scotland. Would you ask an English person if they are either a Liverpool or Man United fan? Despite being from Glasgow, my team is from Edinburgh which confuses a lot of people.

3. Do you Drink Whisky?

Whisky is popular globally and you can see brands like Johnnie Walker the world over. Despite this, whisky isn’t something that’s popular at parties, it’s something I hardly ever drink and would even refuse when offered as I don’t enjoy the taste. It also surprises a lot of people as well that I enjoy the occasional Jack and Coke.

4. Why are Scottish People so Miserly?

I don’t know where this stereotype came from and even more bizarrely, in Croatia and Hungary Scottish they make jokes about Scottish people for being miserly. I can understand in Croatia as it’s such an insanely expensive place, but this is so random that this stereotype has found its way over to Central Europe.

5. What Language do they Speak in Scotland?

The answer is obviously English, but people from all over the world still seem to ask me this question. Within 3 months of being friends with an American, he asked me this very question, he must have thought that my English was amazing, not knowing that it was my first language.

6. Why Don’t you have a Scottish Accent?

Either people can detect that I have a Scottish accent or they say that I sound American. Every time I’ve told someone from England that I’m from Glasgow, they find it hard to believe me as I don’t have a thick accent. Not everyone here has one of those accents like in one of those ridiculous Janey Godley videos. It’s interesting people of various nationalities have told me that I sound American however, it might be because I watched too much Seinfeld.

7. Do you Guys Actually Wear Kilts?

We indeed do wear kilts, but it’s only really for certain parties and weddings. It would be very unusual to wear one in a casual setting, if you come to Scotland you may be surprised by how many places sell them. I do not recommend buying one as a souvenir unless you’re actually going to wear it as they really expensive. Also, do not call it a skirt, it’s our national clothing and is its own thing.

8. Have you Been to Skye? It’s Incredible Over There

A place that people often tell me a lot about who have visited my country is the Isle of Skye which is an island off the coast of the Highlands. The fact is, I had never actually been there until two years ago and I haven’t been since. It is a truly magical place that looks otherworldly, however, it is not cheap to stay there and you really need a car to enjoy the full experience.

Portree, Skye

9. Does it Look Like Harry Potter Where you Live?

I guess it kind of does, Harry Potter was actually filmed in a lot of places I have been to. The bridge which the Hogwarts Express crosses is a real and is called the Glenfinnan Viaduct and there are countless more places like this.

10. What do you Guys Eat Over There?

To people who have never seen it in the flesh, haggis looks and sounds absolutely repulsive. Don’t knock it until you try it, I personally don’t actually eat haggis that much, but I do enjoy it. I’d probably say, we mostly eat stuff that is not too different from other countries, however something that is frequently eaten in Scotland is fish and chips from a chippy and Greggs.

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