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3 Interesting Places to Check Out in Stirling

Stirling is a small city of great historical interest located half-way between Glasgow and Edinburgh. When people have the idea in their head that Stirling is a city, they get the impression that it’s bigger than it actually is. In actuality, Stirling is more of a town and was granted city status by the Queen in 2002.

Stirling is well known for having one of the biggest castles in Scotland and also a monument in commemoration of William Wallace. However, I think it’s also worth taking a look at some of the other places that this place has to offer.

1. Walking up to Dumyat

If you’re into hiking, I highly recommend spending a couple of hours to walk up this hill. Once you get to the summit, you can expect some captivating views of Stirling and the surrounding areas. Furthermore, it is the nearest hiking experience you can find in Stirling and it isn’t too difficult.

The summit of Dumyat

If you do not have a car, getting to Dumyat is a little trickier, but still doable. If you’re coming from the town centre, you can take a Nextbike over to where the university accommodation. Then you follow the path right next to where the university accommodation is. This will probably take you an extra hour, but you can expect some incredible views of the campus in return.

Dumyat itself isn’t too much of a difficult hike and it will take you about 40 minutes each way. I still recommend taking necessary gear for such a walk and be sure to take water. It would be a mistake to come here on a warm day without a water bottle as it can get quite humid in the summer.

2. Europa Music

A surprise for music lovers who to Stirling is this fantastic independently-owned record store in the middle of the town. I might even go as far as saying that it might be one of the best record stores in Scotland. Moreover, you can find an incredible selection of collectable albums priced at least £30, but at the back of the store, there is a massive selection of second-hand records. If you like your music, you’ll be sure to find something you like here and you can find decent second-hand records for as low as £5.

3. Cowane’s Hospital

Nearby to the famous Stirling Castle is this pristine building which dates back to the 17th century. The man this building is named after left money for its construction after he died and it has been kept in a decent condition ever since. It’s possibly one of the most distinctive buildings in Stirling and a reminder of this place’s historical significance within Scotland.

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