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Mexico: 5 Mouth-Watering Foods I Tried for the First Time

In Mexico, the food is incredible and it is popular all over the world. However, the food within Mexico is completely different from what you get in the country. Almost all of what’s considered Mexican food outside of the UK is actually Tex-Mex. Furthermore I’d say the imitation food pails in comparison to what you find in Mexico.

1. Taco al Pastor

This dish might pleasantly surprise you as places that serve al Pastor are found all over Mexico city. As you can see, the pork is made on the spit which you would normally see in kebab shops. This is because this dish was brought over by Lebanese immigrants who came to Mexico during the Ottoman empire. Moreover, the pork is grilled over spit and put into tacos and it’s normally served with pineapple which actually goes well with the flavour.

2. Horchata

This is actually a drink, but it’s very popular all over Mexico, in simple terms it’s almost like a milkshake and it’s good way of cooling off from the Mexican heat. You can find it in taco places or ice cream shops. It’s also a good way of cooling your tongue if you eat something spicy.

3. Molletes

I thought that molletes had some kind of connection to French influence, however they actually come from Spain. Molletes are a popular breakfast dish in Mexico and are similar to a Bruschetta. Furthermore, they are bits of bread with cheese on top of them and you put tomatoes on top of the cheese.

4. Tortas

This is a Mexican style sandwich with thick bread, it is kind of like banh mi, but with a different kind of bread. You can get all kinds of fillings for tortas just like tacos and the best ones normally have chicken or pork.

5. Enchiladas

This might sound like an unusual one, but I have had enchiladas, however the authentic Mexican ones are better and different. Enchiladas con mole is one that I’ve only had in Mexico and it comes with a great tasting sauce. The enchiladas I had in Puebla were very well made. Moreover, I would say that enchiladas in Mexico are absolutely amazing and I miss them a lot.

As you can see, Mexican food is much more than just tacos and is completely different from what you get in a packet of Old el Paso.

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