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5 Tips to Make the Most of Your Semester Abroad

If you are reading this post and have been given the option to study abroad during your time at university. I congratulate you, anticipating a semester abroad can be the really exciting. However it can also be really daunting and there is so much to think about. After spending a semester abroad last year in Mexico City, I feel the need to write this post so that you can have an incredible time.

1. Think About Where you Want to be

When thinking about doing a semester abroad, you will be offered a few options of places where you will potentially spending some time. Moreover, it’s important to make sure that it’s a good choice. Do some research about the place you want to go and have some things in mind such as the culture and climate of the place. If you know anyone from the country you’re going to, ask them about how things are in that place and it can give you a good impression of how things are.

Living in Mexico isn’t going to be for everyone

2. Don’t Take Too Much

Before I went to Mexico, my dad bought me a huge hiking bag to use for luggage, however it’s possible to say I could have just used my own rucksack. I’d suggest maybe taking about 2-3 weeks worth of daily clothes, I even felt like I may have taken a little too much with me. You don’t need to take the kitchen sink as it will be hassle taking it to and from the airports. Once you arrive, you don’t need to worry if you’re missing something as it’s really easy to find places to buy the essentials, especially if you’re in a big city.

3. Get Your Student Card as Soon as Possible

When you’re getting your bearings right at your new campus, it can be awkward making your way around without your student card. Usually there is some kind of way of obtaining it by getting in touch with the staff at the university and it’s a good idea to make sure that you get it sorted. Moreover, having a student card from the university that you’re studying at has it’s benefits. When I was in Mexico, I got to visit a good few museums without needing to pay as I just showed my student card.

4. Be a Yes Man

Do your new friends want you to come with them to a water park on Saturday? Have your classmates invited you to the pub after class? I absolutely think you should say yes to as many of these things as possible, you can definitely make some decent friends and incredible memories this way. When I entered my first class during my semester abroad, loads of people came up to me and wanted to take me out for beers. The answer to this question should always be yes.

Exploring Mexico City with my friends

5. Do a Bit of Exploring

As this is a travel blog of course, I always encourage discovering new places and finding new experiences. Even if you don’t feel like going on a full on backpacking adventure, it’s still worth visiting the nearby cities in the country you have been studying in. There’s nothing more exciting than heading to the bus or train station and going on an adventure in a country you have gotten to know a little bit.

My experience of exploring Mexico

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