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A Weekend in Puebla, Mexico’s Most Beautiful City

The first place I went to in Mexico outside of Mexico city was Puebla in the neighbouring state. It takes 2 hours to get here by bus from Mexico City and it is most certainly worth visiting. I spent a weekend there and I felt like I got a good impression of the city. Unlike Mexico City, it feels a lot more chilled out and walkable.

It feels like a very safe place as well as I did not feel threatened at all. I stayed in an Airbnb with my friends which was a 15 minute walk from from the centre. When we arrived we had some lunch and were able to try some incredible enchiladas. 

What I like about Puebla is that it feels very authentic, it does not feel too touristy. My friends and I were one of the very few foreign tourists we could see. The streets around the centre of the city have a much more classic style and during our time there, we came across a huge market in the street which I found fascinating. There, I saw literally everything being, such as old toy cars, things people have left in their attic from years back and even swords. 

Within the main plaza of Puebla, there is a huge cathedral which was built 1690, it reminds me a lot of the cathedral in Florence and it is worth taking a look inside. It is a huge church and inside it looks very oppulent. At certain times you’re allowed to take a look inside and it is important to be respectful of the site. 

Heading to Cholula

Right next to the city of Puebla is a place called Cholula. My friends and I took a bus tour. We went to a church which is located on the top of a hill. This place felt quite crowded and when you go inside of the church, you will be walking through with loads of people around you. The views around the hill are very nice and you can even see the city of Puebla. 

On our last day in Puebla my friends had heard about a place in a state just north of Puebla called Tlaxcala. This place is called Val’quirico and is a village modelled off of a medieval Italian style. I’d say it is worth visiting because the buildings are amusing to look at and has some decent cafes. The atmosphere feels quite nice with people performing music and it doesn’t feel too crowded. Getting here can be tricky, however a good way of getting here from Puebla is by Uber. 

Puebla, although a city with a population size almost as big as Scotland. It feels much more tranquil in comparison to Mexico City. If you want to go to a quaint city that feels like an authentic part of Mexico, then I recommend that you consider visiting Puebla.

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