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Backpacking – 5 Excuses you Need to Ignore

Backpacking – don’t listen to the naysayers and just do it

Backpacking is what this blog is about and I hope that readers are inspired to make their own adventures. However, people seem to be discouraged to do it and it’s either themselves or people they know who come up with the same excuses. If you don’t want to go backpacking, then fair enough. Different strokes for different folks. However, if you do want to travel, you should stop making these excuses and just book that flight.

1. “Backpacking is too Hard”

The hardest thing about backpacking might just be deciding to actually do it. The first backpacking trip will always be the hardest as it’s all about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. However, I would say that you’re making it seem harder in your head than what it actually is. All you first need to do is purchase a flight and it’s much easier with Skyscanner. Then all you need to do is find a hostel that looks cool in your desired location and you’re 90% there.

Backpacking - 5 excuses you need to ignore
Does this look too difficult?

2. “It’s too Expensive to go Backpacking”

One of the biggest concerns about backpacking people think it to be very expensive. However, if you do it right, it might even be cheaper than staying in your home country. I’ve heard a lot of people say they can’t afford to go backpacking, but they can afford to buy a car or dine in fancy restaurants. Moreover, backpacking can be much more affordable than you think.

Backpacking in Poland is very affordable

If you live in Europe and want to fly somewhere no more than 3 hours away, a flight can be less than £50. Moreover, hostels range from about £8-£15 a night. If you also cook your own food and make sure you don’t get ripped off. The trip is not going to be as expensive as you think it is.

3. “Backpacking is Dangerous”

This is a myth which seems to have stood the tests of time. When I talk about all the backpacking adventures I’ve had, especially in places like Colombia, people ask me if I got into trouble with criminals. I’m really sick of hearing the same old gibberish about how it is dangerous.

Keeping safe with the Mexican national guard

Unless you are going somewhere that has a war going on, I really doubt you are going to get into any trouble. I’ve been robbed before and I’ve also been threatened at gunpoint. However, both of these instances occurred because of bad luck. I lived in Mexico City for months and backpacked in Colombia for 10 days. The truth is that travelling is much less dangerous than people go on about. Don’t believe me? Take a look at some of my posts about places that are said to be “dangerous:”

The Medellin the media doesn’t show

The amazing time I had backpacking in San Salvador

4. “I Have Nobody to Join me”

I also have a lot of people telling me that they want to travel, but have no-one to go with. This is something I have a hard time understanding as I have had such a blast being on my own. Once you realise how easy it is to meet new people while travelling, you will never say this again.

Met Filippo in a hostel in Bucharest, later joined him in Sofia

5. “What if I get Sick?”

Being ill is never pleasant and it has happened to me before a few times. When you’re planning to visit Europe, the risk of getting ill is no different from being back home. If you’re worried about getting food poisoning while backpacking somewhere in Mexico, then take the reasonable steps to avoid it. If you do get ill while backpacking, it’s not the end of the world, just make sure to go to the pharmacy to make things a little easier.

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