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Changwon to Busan – How to Take the Bus

How to get from Changwon to Busan

Changwon to Busan is a route that is quite a challenge to find out and is something that is quite difficult to figure out as a foreigner in Korea. Especially when you consider that Google Maps is unreliable in Korea. The Korean version of it – Kakaomap is also extremely frustrating to use if you can barely read Korean. I’ve found out how to get from Changwon to Busan and the quickest route is actually rather simple.

Changwon to Busan – Nam San Bus Stop

The most practical and quickest way to get from Changwon to Busan is by using the intercity bus. Changwon has two bus terminals and the Nam San bus terminal is closer to where I live. It’s about a 20 minute walk from my flat and it’s on the side of the road.

All you have to do is walk into the ticket office and say you want to go to Busan Seobu. Busan Seobu also has the name West Busan on the signs and tickets. A ticket will only cost you about 4000 to 6000 won which is a very fair deal. The bus services are very frequent, I would say that you can get one every 30 minutes so expect at least half an hour of waiting at the bus station.

How to get from Changwon to Busan – the bus ticket

Once you get your ticket sorted, you can just wait at the right platform. The platform number will be on your ticket and the destinations of each platform are written in English.

Taking the Bus to Busan

Once you get on the bus, it’s only about a half an hour journey depending on how the traffic is. The bus services are completely fine and it’s quite a short journey so you can enjoy the views as you approach the big city.

Once you arrive at West Busan station, it’s very easy to navigate Busan as the public transport is fantastic. There’s a metro station right at the doorstep of the bus terminal called Sasang and you can use it to easily to get to wherever you want to go.

West Busan bus terminal

As you can see it’s actually quite straightforward how to get to Busan by taking the bus. If you’re looking for inspiration about what to do in Busan, I recently visited the UN Memorial.

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