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How to go to Football Matches While Travelling

They say football is the world’s game and the fact that I have been to football matches in 4 different continents proves the truth of this statement. Many football fans tell me it’s their dream to go to football stadiums like the San Siro, Bernabéu and Anfield. I would say that going to football matches is something I enjoy doing and I try to see a local team when I get the chance. However, it can sometimes be a challenge to get your hands on tickets for match and get your bearings around an unfamiliar city.

The Best Website for Information on Stadiums

The Stadium Guide is a great website that I’ve used myself when looking for information about different stadiums, the website gives you a comprehensive guide for stadiums all around the world. It’s also a good place to get information on how to get tickets to go to football matches in different countries.

Going to the Ticket Office on the Day of the Match

For some places, it’s as simple as showing up to the ticket office about an hour before kick off and buying the ticket there. Of course, it isn’t possible for a lot of clubs who often sell out their home ends, however, for some stadiums you might be lucky enough to get a tickets on the day. It worked for me when I went to Dinamo Zagreb in Croatia and all I needed to do was to pay £5 and show my ID.

Buying Tickets Online

For most clubs these days, buying tickets online is the best way to get your hands on them. Furthermore, a lot of clubs make it quite easy to simply buy tickets on their website, although sometimes you may not be able to buy them right away. It’s also possible to buy tickets through a 3rd party website such as Ticketmaster, however the prices may be much more than face value.

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