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Living In Korea – 5 ESSENTIALS to Bring Before Coming

Living in Korea involves packing up a good bit of your stuff into essentially 2 bags. It can be hard to know what exactly you need to bring. There are some things which I really should have taken before taking that flight into Incheon Airport. I decided to make this list as a quick guide of what you should take to prepare for living in Korea.

1. Bring LOTS of Deodorant for Living in Korea

One thing you’ll soon realise after living in Korea is that deodorant can be really hard to find. This is because Koreans don’t habitually use like most of the world does. You can only really find deodorant in the big supermarkets and it will you back about £8 for a single can. For this reason, I really recommend buying about 5 cans of deodorant to put in your suitcase.

2. Don’t Forget a Towel

Another thing that will surprise you is the fact that bathroom towels are much smaller here. I made the mistake of not bringing my own towel and it’s a huge inconvenience. Even when I went to the supermarket looking for ordinary towels, I had absolutely no luck.

3. Books for Learning Some Korean

Living in Korea means that you won’t always be able to get by with just English. There will be lots of situations in which there will be a big language barrier. No-one expects you to become fully fluent in two weeks, but it make things easier if you know a few phrases. Before I left, I bought a book to help me learn the language. However, Korean is very tricky, so expect to take some time to learn it.

4. A BIG Jacket

Winters in Korea are absolutely brutal. This is the case especially if you live in the more northern parts of the country. Koreans take winter clothes quite seriously and cut about like they’re in Antarctica. With occasional subzero temperatures, this is very understandable. Moreover, I only brought my North Face jacket which I essentially wore everyday during the winter months.

5. Things for Your Flat

Korea is very far from the UK and once you arrive in your flat, it will feel a bit empty. I think it’s a great idea to bring some things that give your flat a bit of character. I brought my Hearts scarf which I bought back before the game against Fiorentina. Moreover, having things like these are a nice reminder of Scotland.

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