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Mexico – 10 Things I Love About This Incredible Country

Mexico, a fantastic country and excellent for backpacking

Mexico is an incredible country and today marks 2 years to the day I went off to study at La Salle for a semester. It was an incredible 5 months of my life with countless memories. I thought about making World of Wilson into its own website when I was sitting in a class at La Salle.

A while ago, I wrote a post about 10 things I hate about Mexico and I can’t lie, it’s a challenging country. While it’s a reality that the country has terrible infrastructure and the noise can be really annoying, Mexico is such an easy country to love.

1. Mexican Food is Fantastic

All over the world, people know what Mexican food is. However they don’t know what REAL Mexican food is. The row of products from Old El Paso in your local Tesco is not Mexican food in the slightest. Real Mexican food is nothing like fajitas or a Taco Bell meal, it’s much better and more diverse. Of course real Mexican tacos like al pastor are amazing, but one of my favourite dishes was molletes which is a breakfast dish.

Mexico has incredible food

2. Great Weather

The weather in the UK is generally grim year round and winter is especially bleak. When I arrived in Mexico in January and I was greeted with bright blue skies. Most of the time I was there it was really sunny with the occasional rain. Moreover, most of the time it wasn’t too hot either.

3. Mexicans Make Spanish Sound Cool

Mexico is the hispanic country with the largest population and in the Mexican dialect is taught in American schools. I have to say that the Mexican accent is the most cool accent in the Spanish language. Not only that, there is also a lot of cool slang which you’ll easily learn after a few days in the country. Some of my favourite slangs are “wey” (dude) and “que padre” (that’s awesome.)

4. Mexican Nightlife

Mexico City felt like a fantastic place to study abroad. This was because the neighbourhood I lived in was full of trendy bars. My classes ended at 10PM and sometimes I’d go for a beer right after class. Moreover, partying with Mexicans is always a fun time. After all, it’s always a given that tequila will be involved.

5. The Feeling of Adventure

Mexico is a fantastic backpacking destination for this very reason. The country has all sorts of opportunity for adventure! While I was there, I got to ride ATVs, do zip-lining and swim in cenotes. It really is a country where you’ll never get bored.

6. The Warm People

One thing I didn’t expect for Mexico was how easy it was to make friends. Mexicans are extremely sociable people and they are also incredibly warm. From the moment I stepped into the classroom for the first time at La Salle, people were eager to get to know me. Although, the country has a bad reputation, most people there are decent and will even help tourists if they are lost.

My friend Esteban who I met in Budapest back in 2020

7. Passion for Football

One of the big parts of how much I like a country is how much passion they have for football. Mexico has some of the most passionate fans in the world who have constantly been let down by their underperforming national team. Moreover, the Mexican football league is very entertaining to watch. I had the opportunity to see Club América play at the Azteca and the fans were brilliant.

8. The Fascinating History

As a country, Mexico has thousands of years of history and probably has the richest history in the Americas. Before the Spanish came, the Aztecs had a thriving empire in North America. You can see the ruins of the Aztecs with a visit to Teotihuacan and a visit to the museum of anthropology is not to be missed.

9. The Brilliant Beaches

I am someone who loves to go to the beach every now and then. While travelling I’ve been to many beaches and a lot of the famous ones are overrated. Bondi Beach and Copacabana Beach are both heavily overrated. On the other hand, Mexico’s beaches are clean and not overflowing with tourists. As long as you stay away from Cancún and Acapulco, you can find some incredible beaches.

10. Pueblos Magicos

In Mexico, a Pueblo Magico (magical town) is a place which has old-style architecture and is really where you can take in the Mexican culture. As of 2023, the Mexican tourism board has added more places to the list of Pueblos Magicos. I believe I’ve only been to 3 or 4 with Tequila being a memorable one. Once I return to Mexico, I’d like to visit more of them.

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