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Mexico City – Top 5 MUST SEE Sites

Mexico City is easily one of my favourite cities in the world. I have spent 5 months living there and it’s a place that you can’t get bored of. This city is an absolute mammoth and there’s every reason to visit as a backpacker. I have been thinking about the places to visit there and I have come up with 5 that are essentials for any trip to DF.

5. Teotihuacan – Mexico City’s Must See Pyramids

While it’s technically just outside of the city, a visit to Teotihuacan cannot be missed on any trip to CDMX. Ironically, I visited this place just before I went home. Teotihuacan is the site of some of Mexico’s biggest pyramids and this place was once the biggest city in the Americas. It’s an incredible site to visit, however, be warned there are crowds and lots of people trying to sell you stuff.

4. Xochimilco – Mexico City’s Venice

This place will have you lost for words and it’s a must do. The Aztecs originally built this series of canals and it survives to this day as a tourist attraction. Expect to pay for your ride in the trajinera and you can get taken on a boat ride for a couple of hours. Moreover, you can also buy litres of Corona and enjoy a few drinks while enjoying your journey.

3. Palacio de Bellas Artes – Mexico City’s Huge Art Museum

I’m not that into art museums, but the Palacio de Bellas Artes is not something you should miss out on. The building itself looks incredible, but inside you can find works from Mexico’s greatest artists including Diego Rivera. Moreover, you can see huge murals and artworks which illustrate essences of Mexican culture.

2. The Anthropology Museum – The Must See Museum of Mexico City

The Anthropology Museum is the biggest museum in Mexico and it’s a must see if you’re interested in learning a bit about history. You can see some incredible artefacts from the Aztecs and Olmecs. As well as that, one of the most incredible sites in the museum is the Aztec sun stone which looks massive when you see it in person.

1. Castillo de Chapuletepec – for the Best Views in Mexico City

This place is a castle right in the middle of Bosque de Chapultepec, which is a huge park in the middle of the city. When you walk around the castle, you can feel the history of the building. The Spanish army originally built this castle and it has stood there since the late 1700s. In addition it’s a fantastic place to get views of the city and enjoy some fresh air.

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