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Brno – Backpacking in the Czech Republic for the First Time

Brno is the 2nd biggest city in the Czech Republic and feels like a mix of old and new. Coming here was also the first time I had ever been to the Czech Republic. A country renowned by backpackers as a very interesting and popular place with travellers of all types.

Spending the whole day on Two Bus Journeys

My day started off with a 9AM bus journey that would take me from Novi Sad to Budapest. As usual, crossing the border into Hungary was a bit of a drag. When I was leaving Serbia, the border guards didn’t believe my passport picture was me. Once I arrived in Budapest, I had a couple of hours to kill before my bus Brno. However, I didn’t have enough time to go out for a bit and see Budapest. Eventually my bus arrived and when 9PM came, I had arrived in the Czech Republic for the first time.

Staying at John Galt Hostel

This place I stayed in was a run of the mill hostel, it was directly in the centre. Apart from that, there was nothing too special about this place. It seems that there isn’t a huge variety in choice when it comes to hostels in Brno.

Having an Amazing Pho

You wouldn’t expect it, but you can find some of the best Vietnamese food in Europe in the Czech Republic. I was looking for a place to find lunch. In the Czech Republic, Vietnamese eateries seem to be ubiquitous within Czech cities. I had a pho which cost less than £5 and drinking Kofola with it made for a great combination. Kofola is a soft drink which was developed as an alternative for Coca Cola. This was during the communist era and even today, it has a refreshing and unique taste.

Walking Around the Centre of Brno

I’ll be honest, I did not find Brno to be that much of an interesting city and spend much of my time here having a rest after exhausting myself in Serbia. However, what I can say for Brno is that it is architecturally interesting, the Czechs have done a great job at making sure their cities have stood the tests of time.

Exploring Špilberk Castle

Brno is home to this castle which is located on a hilltop. I would say that the walk up to the castle feels very nice as it’s inside of a park and you can feel the fresh air. Once you get to where the castle is, you can find some decent views of the city and see the main buildings of the castle.

Visiting the Technology Museum

This museum is located a little bit outside of the centre and it piqued my interest. Honestly this museum seemed a little out of date and could do with some renovations. However, located outside, you can see an old passenger plane from a Czechoslovak airline and inside you can see some old cars and contraptions.

Walking up to the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul

One of the biggest buildings you can see in Brno is this massive cathedral located within the centre, to get to this place you need to walk up some steep steps and you are free to have a look inside.

Eating Trdelník for the First Time

One of the most famous snacks that hails from the Czech Republic is the trdelník or chimney cake. You can find places that sell them in a few places around the streets of Brno and it’s worth trying it. I had one filled with Nutella and my honest opinion is that it would not be my first choice snack, but I am glad I tried one.

Having Real Mexican Food at Bastardo Bistro

While walking around Brno, I spotted this place and was skeptical that a place in the middle of Europe would have real Mexican food. However, this place was the real deal, I was able to have taco al pastor and it was delicious. It wasn’t like a carbon copy of what you’d find in Mexico City, but this place is definitely a real place to get Mexican food.

What I’d say about Brno is that it was agreeable, I can definitely say that my time in Prague was much more interesting. So I’d recommend just skipping Brno and spending a decent amount of time in Prague.

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