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Naples – This Chaotic City was a Surprise

I started my European backpacking trip in the Southern Italian city of Naples and this was in August 2020. So it was good to get away of months being inside because of the pandemic. Naples has a reputation of being dangerous and dirty.

I didn’t feel that it was dangerous at all, however the streets feel very chaotic with garbage everywhere and crazy traffic.

I was able to walk 20 minutes from the airport to my hostel, however the traffic made it feel like it was a game of Frogger. The hostel I stayed in was called Naples Experience Hostel and it was a good and affordable hostel. Furthermore, there was a great pizza place which had pizza come right out of the oven and a decent sized pizza cost me only five euros.

The next day I made it to the ruins of Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius, however it took a long time to get from Naples because the railway line from the main station had been closed that day. Then I eventually got to the ruins of Pompeii and because of the pandemic, it was much emptier than it would normally be.

Then I took a bus up to Mount Vesuvius, I paid to get a mini bus up to the volcano. The walk up gave us some incredible views of the Amalfi coast, however what was truly mind blowing was the volcano of Vesuvius, it was one of the most incredible natural sites I had ever seen as looking into the hole made me think it was a drop of colossal proportions. It made me think how freaked out the Roman population must have been when it erupted in 79 AD as it must have done some serious damage.

Once I got back, I went out for a few drinks in Naples and it was very lively, a bottle of beer can be very cheap from some of the bars I had went to and the Italians were very welcoming. I would say that although Naples is a very dirty city and it looks like there’s no order, it was very nice because Naples is the home of pizza and Vesuvius is one of the most incredible natural places I’ve been to in Europe.

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