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Rook Islands – My Most Daring Adventure Yet!

The Rook Islands is a forgotten part of the world which very few backpackers dare to visit. This is for good reason as the islands are a hotbed for pirates and all sorts of other things you don’t want to deal with on your trip. I decided to see what the place was like for myself as I was skeptical about the real danger of such a place.

Backpacking in The Rook Islands – a Gruelling Journey

The first part of the journey involved actually getting there. This involved paying $100 to take a cargo ship that would take me there. The journey was absolutely horrific as I had to brave incredibly choppy waters. After 14 hours of trying to entertain myself listening to Steely Dan. I finally made it to my hostel in Badtown.

Badtown deserves the name it gets. I’ve never been anywhere so dirty. It also had a very uneasy atmosphere and no-one there made me feel welcome. Moreover, the food there is absolutely diabolical. I was hoping there would at least be a Subway, but there was almost nothing. At least there was a British pub, but every night it was full of obnoxious British tourists.

Taking an ATV Down to the Beach

The next morning, I rented an ATV and headed down to the dirt road. I really enjoyed riding down with views of palm trees and incredible tropical scenery. I almost crashed a couple of times, but thankfully I didn’t ruin the ATV. Also, I saw groups of pirates armed with AK47s as I got closer to the beach.

Happy April Fools Day!

In case you haven’t realised yet, The Rook Islands is a fictional country. I made all of this up because of the day. The pictures are actually from my trips to El Salvador and Costa Rica. If you had a laugh reading this, be sure to check out some of the places I have actually been to:

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