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The UK – 5 Reasons Why I Left

The UK, or Scotland specifically is my home country and I am a proud Scot. I absolutely love Scottish culture and wouldn’t change it for anything. Being Scottish and English. I will always love Irn Bru and be down for a Greggs. However, I would say I have enjoyed living outside of the UK and I have my reasons why.

5. UK Weather

One of the worst things about the UK is how grim the weather is. Especially in Scotland, it rains almost everyday even in summer. Summer is essentially nonexistent in the UK as we merely get about roughly 2 weeks of decent weather from May to August. As the classic joke goes – I love Scottish summer, it’s my favourite day of the year. Most of the time, it’s just grey skies and rain. I found this intolerable and I believe that it affected my mood. I feel much more upbeat when skies aren’t grey everyday.

4. Everything Being Overpriced

Over the past two years, the cost of living has shot up in Scotland and nowadays it’s an absolute joke to see how much things cost. The cost of living was high enough already and things have become ridiculously expensive. In my book, it’s simply not worth living for how much I was paying for things.

This isn’t the Soviet Union, it’s Scotland

One of the most outrageously overpriced things is transport. It cost me £8 for a half an hour train journey to get to Edinburgh and to get to other places, it costs even more. Moreover, it also costs way to much to go out and get something to eat these days. Back in Scotland, I’d pay three times what I’d pay where I live now. In addition, in Edinburgh these days, it’s hard to find a place that charges less than £6 for a pint.

3. I Always Dreamed of Living Abroad

This post might seem like I’m being way too critical of a country with a very good culture. Above all I just wanted to live abroad. Living in a different country has been something I have wanted to do since I was a kid. I remember taking a lot of interest in Japanese culture. Moreover, discovering my talent in languages really amplified my desire to live somewhere else.

Two years ago, I got the chance to study abroad in Mexico City. Enjoying the ambience of living in La Condesa, I knew I wanted to live my life in another country after finishing uni. Moreover, now that I’m living abroad and don’t have to think about coming back to the UK.

2. Political Environment

I try to not to be political here as it is a travel blog after all. However, you can’t ignore how much of a mess the British political environment has become. It really doesn’t matter who you vote for as all the major parties don’t seem to be promising any real or meaningful change. The current government is littered with completely out of touch politicians who do not have my interests at heart.

1. Boredom

At the end of the day, I feel like staying in the same country I grew up would be too boring. When I was living in Mexico, every weekend felt like going on another exciting adventure. Moreover, back in Scotland, I spent most of my free time playing my Xbox with friends. If you want to go out and do something, it will inevitably cost an arm and a leg.

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