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Ulsan Hyundai – Amazing Atmosphere With Injury Time Victory

Ulsan Hyundai has its stadium is very close to my flat. It’s great that I can spend a Saturday afternoon at the football. Back in Scotland, I’d have to commute for such an hour each way to get to Tynecastle. Moreover, last Saturday was a big fixture in the K League. Jeonbuk are one of the most successful teams in both Korea and all of Asia.

In recent years, Ulsan have successfully challenged Jeonbuk’s hegemony in the K League. This makes Ulsan Hyundai taking on Jeonbuk a fixture I did not want to miss. Jeonbuk’s colours are green and white, reminds of me Hibs, this made me want Ulsan to beat them even more.

Heading to Watch Ulsan Hyundai at Munsu Stadium

From my flat, I can take the bus which takes me just outside of the stadium and I’ll be there in less than 20 minutes. The bus was full of fans donning blue and yellow shirts. What I found slightly eerie is that the bus was completely silent on its way to the stadium. This is a cultural difference as people behave respectfully on public transport no matter the occasion. Moreover, in the tunnel on the way to the ground, people aren’t chanting for their teams as they save it for the stadium.

A Ticket Behind the Goal

Something I really like about going to Ulsan Hyundai games is that I can just rock up to the stadium and get a ticket. Although the queue was 10 minutes, I was able to get a ticket just before the game without any issues. The lady working at the ticket office could even speak decent English which is a plus as well. The ticket cost me 17,000 won which is about a tenner. Moreover, I was sat behind the goal this time and the view I had wasn’t bad at all.

Incredible Atmosphere Above the Ultras

My seat was just above the ultras section and I could hear them in full voice. I also saw the Jeonbuk fans in the away end. Both sets of fans were making lots of noise and it didn’t feel overly hostile at all. Moreover, when I went to the game against Jeju United, the stadium was probably not much more than 60% full.

This time, the stadium was about three quarters full and the atmosphere felt absolutely electric because of it. The game was a bit dormant for most of it, however Ulsan Hyundai scored the winner in injury time. The goal was absolutely fantastic and the scenes to go with it were absolutely brilliant.

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