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Ulsan Hyundai – My First K League Match

Ulsan Hyundai are the reigning champions of the K League and it turns out their stadium is very close to where I live. I’ve lived in Korea for 5 months and I had been itching to see some football. Ulsan Hyundai vs Jeju United would be my first K League match. It was also the first time I went to a football match since I last went to Tynecastle back in November.

One of the things that makes the K league different from most European Leagues is that the season starts in March. After almost 2 months of living in Ulsan, I finally got round to getting a taste of Korean football.

Ulsan Hyundai – How to get to Munsu Football Stadium

As I have mentioned, Ulsan Hyundai’s stadium is about a 40 minute walk from where I live. However, it’s also quite simple to get to by bus. Buses can frequently take you from the centre of Ulsan to just outside of the stadium. From where I live, it was only about 10 minutes. Moreover, the buses weren’t too crowded even though it was just before a game.

The stadium itself is quite impressive as it has a capacity of about 37,000. Korea built this stadium in preparation for the 2002 World Cup. During that tournament, the stadium hosted 3 matches, including a visit by that legendary Brazil team.

How to get Tickets for an Ulsan Hyundai Match

Buying tickets for Ulsan Hyundai is incredibly easy. Just outside of the stadium there’s a ticket office. You also don’t need to worry about huge lines as it did not feel crowded at all. I got a ticket with a pretty decent view at the back of the stadium. Which cost 16,000 won or about 10 quid. This is quite an agreeable price and much cheaper than what you have to pay to see Hearts play.

Your seat is written in Korean on the ticket and can be figured out by looking at the stadium map on the back of the ticket. If you’re lost, you can always ask someone for help.

Ulsan Hyundai’s Atmosphere

Before the game began, I realised that my seat was incredibly dusty. A very nice Ulsan Hyundai fan showed me that I can get a plastic cover to put on my seat. Thanks to her being helpful, I’m for sure going to come back to games here.

The stadium has an incredible view of the mountains and the fact it was quite a nice day made it better. Behind the goal to my left, was the ultras section which was impressive as they were making noise for the whole 90 minutes. However, it had a much more family-friendly atmosphere where I was sitting.

Not too many people where chanting around me. I would also say that it didn’t feel like an atmosphere of aggression like at most football matches. I would also say that the stadium only looked about 60% full.

Ulsan Hyundai vs Jeju United

Ulsan Hyundai were playing against Jeju United. I had never heard of Jeju United before and I was impressed that the away fans came all the way from Jeju to see their team play. The first half felt a bit colourless. However, the game really picked up into the second half with Jeju scoring the first goal.

Despite that, Ulsan Hyundai had a quick comeback and equalised moments after Jeju’s goal. Ulsan Hyundai started to attack more aggressively and scored two brilliant team goals. I’d definitely say that this game was more riveting than the average Scottish fixture. I also feel lucky to live close to the ground and probably come back here on another Sunday.

Ulsan Lager – Another Plus

The fact you can’t enjoy a beer at a football match in Scotland, makes it such a novelty. During halftime, I headed down to a GS25 inside of the stadium which was selling beer and crisps. It was quite a long line at halftime, so keep that in mind. They have their own brand of lager in the stadium and it cost 4500 won or £2.50 for a can.

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