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Ulsan to Busan – How to Use the Donghae Line

Ulsan to Busan is a straightforward route thanks to the Donghae line. The Donghae Line is essentially part of the Busan metro and it’s a way in which Ulsan is easily connected to Busan. I have to say the metro has impressed me with how modern, clean and efficient it all feels. Moreover, it can be quite confusing about where you should to go if you want to get from Ulsan to Busan.

Ulsan to Busan – First Head to Taehwagang Station

The first thing you need to do is head over to Ulsan’s Taehwagang station. This station is located near where the shopping district is. The best way to get to the station is by bus as the bus can take you right to the door.

Moreover, one thing that might confuse you is that this station is both the start of the Donghae Line and a Korail station. This can be confusing as the Korail departure board translates into English. However, the board with information about the Donghae Line is only in Korean.

What you need to know is that trains for the Donghae Line are about about every 20 minutes. The way way pay the fare is the same as taking another other line on the Busan metro. Once you go up the stairs, there’s a barrier on the right for the Donghae Line. You can just tap your card if you have one from a Korean bank account. Otherwise, you can also use the machines next to the barrier to buy a ticket.

Which Stop Should I get off at?

There are a good number of stops on this line before you actually reach Busan. If you want to head to the area around Haeundae, I recommend getting off at BEXCO. Then transfer to line 2 and it takes 2 stops to Haeundae station. This journey should take at least 50 minutes from Taehwagang station. If you want to head to Seomyeon, you can stay on until the end of the line and you can get there from Bujeon station.

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