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Korea vs Jordan – Asian Cup Football at the Pub

Watching Korea vs Jordan at the pub

Watching Korea vs Jordan – The Asian Cup has Kicked Off

I was watching Korea vs Jordan and I knew I had to as the Asian Cup kicked off last week. One of the things I really like about Korea is that it is country that is passionate about football. The passion that Koreans showed when they hosted the World Cup back in 2002 is a testament to that.

It’s always interesting to be in a country while watching its national team. I have watched Mexico, Croatia and Costa Rica games while being in those countries as well. It is always great to see the pride and passion that football fans have for their national team.

Korea are always interesting to watch during the World Cup and with Son as their captain, they’ve become a team with some serious potential. The Asian Cup is certainly an interesting tournament because of the diversity of teams that play in it. Korea had already comfortably beaten Bahrain and would play Jordan in their second group game.

Down the Local for the Football

Just about a ten minute walk from my flat is a pub by the name of Taps which has a projector screen to watch the football. I headed in and ordered a Cass beer which came in a 450ml glass rather than a pint. The pub was almost full in anticipation for the big fixture and I was quite excited. I was the only foreigner there which made me stand out a lot.

Watching Korea vs Jordan – A Thriller From Jordan

Considering how strong Korea’s national team is, I was expecting them to win by 3 or 4 goals. Much to my surprise, this did not happen. Korea started the game strong with Son Scoring a penalty within the first 10 minutes. I thought that Korea would easily win after that goal, however the Jordanians had much more in them.

I couldn’t tell you the name of a Jordanian player off the top of my head, but fair play to them. Jordan managed to get in front by the end of the second half and surprisingly the game was even between them. Before the end of the first half, A Jordanian player scored an absolute wonder goal. The second half looked liked Jordan was able to keep control of the game until injury time. South Korea managed to get an equaliser with Jordan scoring an own goal.

Free Beers and a lot of Cheers

When Korea scored their injury time equaliser, the pub staff gave everyone free bottles of Cass. This came as a pleasant surprise to me and it definitely isn’t something that would happen in Scotland. Koreans celebrate goals differently as well. In a lot of countries, people tend to go absolutely crazy, especially in both Scotland and England where beer flies everywhere. Koreans celebrated the goals with elated expressions rather than being really loud.

With so much more of the Asian Cup to be played, I’ll definitely be following Korea as they hope to win. Although I’m also keeping my eyes on Australia because they have 2 Hearts players in their squad.

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