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Ljubljana – A Wonderful Backpacking Destination

Slovenia has the smallest capital city in Europe, Ljubljana and it’s very much worth visiting. I think that you can see the whole city in a day and within the centre it looks absolutely magical.

Ljubljana’s centre has incredible architecture and it is very walkable. Cars are completely banned from the centre and is for the purpose of pedestrians and cyclists. I walked over to the funicular which took me to Ljubljana castle which gave me incredible views of the small city and there is a small museum about the history of the city inside of the castle.

During my time here I took a boat tour across the river in which I was able to look at the architecture of the city, it lasted about 40 minutes and is worth doing while you are here. The day before leaving, I also rented a bike from my hostel to cycle around the city. As the city is small, it’s very easy to navigate and every road had a cycle path along with it.

I definitely recommend visiting this city as the architecture looks magical, the atmosphere feels very chilled out and is an affordable destination.

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