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Why Budapest is the Perfect City for Backpackers

Budapest is the capital of Hungary in Central Europe. It’s a decent-sized city and a possibly one of the best places for backpackers, especially if you’re on a budget. Budapest is great for all travellers, from seasoned travellers to people planning their first trip around Europe. Here is why I think Budapest is one of the best cities in Europe for backpackers.

Budapest is Easy to get to

If you want to fly to Budapest, it’s incredibly easy to do so, you can easily get a cheap flight the UK for less than the price of a train ticket to London. Furthermore, the location of Budapest is right in the centre of Europe, if you’re planning to travel around Europe, Budapest is well connected to other cities. You can easily take a bus or train to other cities within a few hours such as Bratislava, Vienna and Belgrade.

It’s one of the Most Affordable Destinations in Europe

What makes Budapest an ideal location is its prices, the hostel I stayed in only cost £5 a night and public transport is great value for money. A pint will cost only around £1 and there are loads of affordable places to get something to eat for less than £5. Some of the museums as well are free, however it’s worth mentioning that Hungary uses it’s own currency, the forint.

It has Plenty of Things to see and do

I recommend spending about 3-4 days in the city, there is a lot you can experience around Budapest, my favourite thing which is completely unique is the Széchenyi Thermal Bath. Make sure you bring your trunks as there is nothing quite like going into the outdoor thermal bath in the freezing Hungarian winter.

There are a few museums that are worth visiting, however the one I recommend the most is the House of Terror which is a museum which details the atrocities of the communist and fascist regimes in recent history.

It’s a Walkable City

During my time in Budapest, I hardly used the public transport as most of the places I went to were very close to my hostel. It’s a small enough city that you can easily walk around and the streets feel very clean and organised.

It’s one of the Most Picturesque cities in Europe

If you think Paris is the most beautiful city in Europe, I want to fight you. Budapest feels much more picturesque and feels a lot less chaotic. When you walk up to Fisherman’s Bastion, which is a monument where you can get remarkable views of the city. Walking along the Danube, you can look at the well kept classical architecture and of course see the Hungarian parliament building in all its glory. One of my favourite buildings is St Stephen’s Basilica which is one of the most beautiful churches I had ever seen in my life.

Hungarian parliament
Fisherman’s Bastion

I went to Budapest just before uni started in January, Hungarian winter is very cold so make sure you bring a decent jacket. I’m willing to say that Budapest is one of my favourite European cities and a fantastic stop for a trip around Europe.

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