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Why I Almost Never Write About Scotland

My country is beautiful and that cannot be disputed. Scotland has the beautiful capital Edinburgh, Loch Lomond and The Isle of Skye. Despite it being a small country, there is a lot to see and a lifetime to see it. However, there are a few reasons why I barely spend time seeing these incredible places. I have barely written about Scotland on this blog.

The Public Transport is Poor

I mean, the public transport Scotland has is miles ahead of places like the Americas. However, it’s a nightmare for travelling in comparison to other European countries. Scotrail is an absolute abomination, Scotland is one of the countries with the most expensive rail travel in Europe. Furthermore, because of this, to properly explore Scotland, you have to have a car and I still can’t drive yet.

It’s Quite Expensive – It’s Cheaper to Travel Internationally

As previously mentioned, Scotrail fares are extortionate, to give an example, it costs more than £90 to go from Glasgow to Inverness. In comparison, it cost me £20 to go from Lisbon to Faro by rail. With the existence of budget airlines, it’s also cheaper to go to the other side of Europe than go on a six hour rail journey in Scotland.

The prices for hostels are comparatively more expensive in Scotland than other places in Europe. Above all though, despite the fact that most museums are free to enter, a good amount of places are expensive to visit, for example it costs £18 just to visit Edinburgh Castle and £16.50 to visit Stirling Castle which is right at my doorstep.

It Feels Like Less of an Adventure

Scotland is a small place, so even though the nature is beautiful, it’s a place that feels all too familiar. It feels completely normal for me to go on a backpacking trip in a different country, but it would feel odd if I just did it in my own country. When I see places in Scotland I already know what to expect and when I travel abroad, I know that there will be surprises.

Despite all these reasons, I still want to see a lot of places in Scotland. I definitely need to get round to getting a driving licence and do something like the North Coast 500.

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